War and Non-War

February 15, 2011

I don’t want to hear anymore about peace.  Next to the word “love” it is probably the most overused and subjective word there is.  Just as the notion of “right and wrong” is determined by societal boundaries, peace is a concept that is entirely open to self and societal interpretation. The word “peace” takes on whatever meaning we give to it.  It even varies in interpretation from language to language! Everyone wants peace for his or herself, and it is always at the cost of others. People are killed in the name of peace.  Wars are fought for peace.  There hasn’t been a war in history that hasn’t been started in the name of peace.  If there were no concepts of peace, then perhaps we wouldn’t have war.  I don’t want any part of anyone’s peace!  It’s very important that we stop using this word and replace it with objective terms such as “non-war” or “non-violence”, as these are concepts that do not change in interpretation from one culture, language, or society to the next.